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Sunday, December 19, 2010

So little time. SOOO little time. Our first Navy Christmas.

The thing is. There really is so little time. When Jesse and I got married we had just 9 hours in between graduation and getting his butt back to base. LESS than a full day, but we made the absolute most of that day! He is coming home to me the week after Christmas and I have really made a big deal out of this. There are such normal simple things that I feel have been taken for granted, that I sincerely appreciate now. The basic act of sleeping is a privilege to do next to your Navy spouse! I miss hugs. Jesse and I are a very *hug* oriented couple. These six days with my husband will be cherished and well spent. Trust me. There are so many little surprises waiting for that adorable little unsuspecting  husband of mine. For starters when he comes home he will open his Christmas gifts from me. Well, most of them anyway, the last two gifts will be practically empty boxes with simple statements in them. FIRST I have to share the list of OTHER gifts why of course ;) I got him some amazing cologne with the help of my awesome sister! a long sleeve Gator tee! a Gator slap coozie (sooo cool!)! and a BIG box of his fav cereal (from sams) Cinnamon toast crunch. He was NOT permitted cereal while living with me because I'm a cereal monster and can not eat just one bowl and then sooner or later poof the whole box is gone. He will flip his lid! ;) the empty box's messages will read something to the affect of - (1) We are scheduled for a 1 and a half hour couples massage for 9 AM tomorrow =) (2)I am off the ENTIRE time you are here! I have been telling him I worked it out so I only work 3 days while he is here, truth is I work NONE while he's here!!!! He will be beside himself! ;) The last gift I got him will make him melt like butter. But to understand this gift I need you to use your imagination for a moment. Pick a favorite condiment or food, something you crave often. now. imagine the only place you can get it is a four hour drive away. That is not happening lol. Jesse LOVES Dorothy Lynch salad dressing. I have ordered for him, 6 yes you saw correctly SIX, 32oz bottles of Dorothy Lynch which the only place we know of to get it is in Missouri . You may think I'm going overboard with the dressing but from what I can tell my baby has not had a decent Christmas in years. Plus the only gift he got on his Birthday was a five minute call to me. Which to be honest I would have picked that over anything else, being that he was in boot camp and calls were limited. Jesse is always saying he wants to give me everything I want. Well I have amazing parents helping me give him everything HE wants. They paid for his plane ticket home AND back. OMG! They have gone splitsies with me on a laptop for him with a built in web cam and microphone, they also got this boy an XBOX WITH KINNECT (after I pretty much told them not to because that is WAY tooooo much lol). He really is going to have an overload of Happy just bursting through him. He's going to to be like a kid at Christmas time again. My dad will love this, my mom too but my dad needs a little Christmas spirit boost. My mom gets a boost from the shopping i know because she passed that on down to me lol we call that "therapy"! ;) Also while he is here we will have our reception to celebrate and unite the families who have yet to meet due to circumstances that just aren't enough to even mention, we'll just call it "time". Well I know its not much but it really really is so much, its all the right things I know he'll love and appreciate especially the time with me =) and really what more could ya ask for than a man who can't wait to come home to you and begs you not to go to work just so you can spend all that time with you? I can't wait. My sailor comes home to me the 27th! I'm just so stinkin excited!!!!!!!

Let's get married!

Have you heard Our news? YES! Yes you have! =) It was not our intention to leave anyone out, not tell anyone, or hurt anyone's feelings at all. However Jesse and I are very happy we made the decision to wed now! It was intimate, short, sweet, and to the point! =) Allow me to give you some of our history if you don't already know it =0). Jesse and I met through a mutual friend who also happened to be one of my neighbors, Andrew. During oh i'd say middle school. Jesse and Andrew would walk over and come tap on my window the nights that Jesse would stay over there. Cheesy as it may be- this made me always feel kinda special! We would just talk about whatever and maybe every once in a while there would be Prank calls involved. Don't tell my mom ;) heh. We were good clean kids just nocturnally chatty;) One night shortly after meeting Jesse, he and Andrew had come by and we'd gotten all talked out. I gave Andrew a hug & told them both bye. In my teen years i was quite the hugger btw! They were headed across the yard and Jesse comes back towards me and asks if maybe he could get a hug too. It was the most magical hug ever! *so corny* but true!!!* Well we hung out & tried to do the more than just friends thing, the attraction was definitely there on both ends. But I was too young and dumb to realize what a gentleman he truly was! such a sweet heart! so it didn't work out so well. However this crazy little thing called Faceboooook! lol united us once again! He was living in Missouri  and said he'd be coming for a visit soon and wondered if maybe we could all hang out again. I mentioned how I'd always enjoyed our hugs *cheeeezy* and told him i'd get my neighbors to give him a nice hug too lol but of course his response was along the lines that he would much rather get the hugs from me awwwwww! =) We went to a couple of parks in the area and walked around a pond where I clung to his side, held on to his arm when we went through a wooded area "in case of snakes" and in this same evening had our first kiss so to speak... there was one or two in the past too ;) but this kiss was just so future setting <3 Thank you Facebook! <3 So here's the deal. Jesse and I had decided when he came home from A school we would be married during the Christmas break he may or may not have gotten. Which invitations were to go out, to a small group BUT announcements were to go out to all! However things got sped up, we were both very anxious to tie the know and well we did it! We went to Jesse'e Graduation Friday morning, and when their Liberty was called I ran down out of the stands and we shared once more another magical hug! We originally had the weekend with him, but Wednesday (which I hadn't talked to him since Tuesday) he was told everyone would be leaving Saturday. His flight was leaving Saturday Morning.=( In the state of Illinois it is required for you to get your marriage license one day and the next day you are permitted to be married. We did not have the luxury of that kind of time. So dear friends we were at the courthouse for some where between 3 & 4  hours on this ONLY day we were permitted "Liberty" with him. But it was WELLl worth the wait. We had to apply for the license on the second floor. wait. go down stairs apply for a same day waiver on the lower level. wait. wait. and wait some more this is the majority of our waiting as they were searching for a judge who would marry us. The clerk we spoke with told me to quickly get my dress on, and have everything ready. So there I sat in my dress for an hour and a half i believe. We had many people compliment, congratulate, and stare as My sailor and I waited so patiently to see if we would be allowed to be married. FINALLY we get sent to courtroom 201! lol easy enough to remember being that we're from Memphis only just not criminals! =) We were the last of 7 couples to be married. The judge had a playful personality, and was very nice. You had to ask permission to use your camera, and Mom was allowed to take photos! There aren't an abundance of photos but there are some really great ones! So without any further hesitation Go see for yourself =)
By the way friends and family the picture posted to my facebook of jesse and I...  was while we were waiting. we were not married then, just trying to occupy our time =)