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Thursday, June 9, 2011

-Nailing down the possibilities, laying out the vague details and letting decisions continue to float around aimlessly, & thats okay..

Jesse and I have been delaying the "where to next" discussion for a while now, mainly because we mostly have absolutely no control over it whatsoever. But today the anxiety of not knowing plus the boredom of the wait not to mention the reality of Jesse's graduation date surfacing this week, has lead to the inevitable serious conversation. Where.... Where? Where.... heh. Good God. So without really investing any real thoughts into where we would end up next, our ~*~ WISH~*~ list looked something like this - #1 - Kings Bay, Ga. or Bangor, Wa. #2 any where else but Groton. We've built up this unbefitting loathing for Groton, a bitter taste, a definite "X" in the possibility of Groton becoming "home" for the next 4 or 5 or how ever many years. San Diego seems nice, Norfolk meh. Sparkling sunny, Kings Bay Ga is where our hopes and dreams of "home" glow.
  Now that we've hammered out the very few things we know about our "options" we decided to Pro/Con list this sucker.  Jesse sort of leans towards Bangor Washington based on the adventure, the scenery, the fact that the type of boat he'd be on would be favorable, I add in the pros being near Seattle, and the out of thin air idea that there might be a bus transit system in order to help cure our one car dilemma - sidenote I should really look that up hah. The CONS -MAJOR mark against Wa. is the distance from our family!, the high cost of living, and uncertain about being there for the long run. I mean eventually we'll want to buy a home, settle down and root our family somewhere, but this is a dilemma for anywhere really, especially without doing real research. Next we weighed Norfolk Va. Pros- Norfolk definitely has the distance benefit -16 hours away from family, and also we'd be right next to Virginia beach. Cons include this is an all military city all military 24/7 and not just the Navy we would literally breath u.s. military, lack of appeal to either of us and also not the type of boat Jesse and I want him to be on. BIG CON on that last one. That is a huge HUGE deal. San Diego was next with really not much to weigh. Pros- great weather, and close to Vegas hahaha and CONS- Not the right type of boat! Next up-> Kings Bay Ga!!!! *** APPLAUSE*** CHEERS*** APPLAUSE*** Pros include Distance from Family! Distance from Florida! (Gator games and DUH FLORIDA <3), Distance from the beach! &  The right kind of boat! did I mention Distance from family?!?!?! Cons include uhm what cons? ;) hahaha Big breath. The last option to mull over is Groton. There is a definite possibility we'd get stuck here.... in Groton.. the LAST on our wish list. Pros- close to Rhode Island - we like Rhode Island ;) also close to Boston & NyC, Not harsh summers (like we're used to), Possible Vacation- because after Jesse's school he gets time off before having to start at his duty station if we move that time will be spent moving our belongings and driving our vehicle plus our pups across the states, however if we stay here then we can take a trip home and visit!!!! <3 , and the added bonus of no moving expenses which trust me would be a BIG pro! ha. Cons include- Brutal winters, not big fans of Groton itself, wrong kind of boat, not great in the long run because of distance.
  So really when it comes down to it we wouldn't mind settling in here in Groton if we had to, we could make the best of it. There's only one place we both agree we MUST go if the option is there --> Kings Bay Georgia. If the option isn't there,  the next place would be Bangor because of its favorable boat type ( I'd say the type of boat but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to. lol to be safe we'll keep it like this) and all other choices we are pretty indifferent about. We'll adjust to what we need to adjust to, we'll go where we gotta go. Now the reason I'm not getting my panties in a wad and doing all of this research on where we go next and having a determined absolute prioritized list, is because there is always the possibility the Navy won't need people in Kings Bay or in Bangor... There's no telling. There are 16 people in Jesse's class there could be 6 orders for San Diego and 10 orders for Norfolk at that point its like meh who cares, duke it out. The thing is I don't want to feel like we missed out on something, so no matter where we go (or don't go), when we get those orders, we'll be done waiting! We can plan! We'll find positives no matter where we go. We have to, that's just life! We just have to not let things get so tight and controlled that if they don't go our way,we just fall apart, and feel like we missed out on something way better. Boo on that! ;) I'm here for Jesse. Jesse is my home & I am his. Our family will love us no matter what our zip code is and we'll "make it work" (Woo Tim Gun hahah). <3

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home away from home = Homesickness

Today is Mother's Day! A day to celebrate how amazing your mom is as well as other amazing mothers! When I woke up, immediately I gave my mom a call. She and my pops and my sister and her three awesome kids are going to the zoo today marking the first of many trips of the summer, AND little Cooper Caroline's very first trip ever to the zoo! Obviously I have a feeling deeply rooted in my heart that pulls to missing the family. As I browse through my facebook feed for the morning I see many mentions and praise for awesome moms across the board. I also see a reminder that today is one of my long time besties graduation day! I click to her page and make a comment congratulating her and in the corner facebook in its ways has posted a link to a photo from last summer of one our many many get togethers! Loving to reminisce I click through the pictures that tell the story of my awesome friendship with these three amazing girls that I have come to learn so much about and bonded with on a level I can lovingly describe as sisterhood! We have Katie the strong independent firecracker who protects you from the crazies, always looking for the next best/cool/active thing and keeping us all up to date and has a weakness for animals as well as a strong soft spot for loyalty! We have Traci the always there for you giggle box, the hostess, the one I envy having a handle on pretty much everything and knowing exactly who she is and what she wants out of life! Then we have Beth the multitasking, social butterfly, with an inner strength, and a hunger for education! Keeping us entertained and laughing with day to day experiences well that would be all three of these girls! And back to the facebook photo flipping. I get to a picture, and this may seem a little "fat kid" of me, but I get to this picture of a plate full of BBQ and fixings and Cue water works I bawl for a solid HOUR! This is about the time I am hoping is the peak of my homesickness, but who's to say. During this hour of bawling I reflected what on an amazing group of friends I have and how much we all supported one another and damn we had some fun! So I guess I'm celebrating my mom and all the great moms I know as well as the mother of all friendships <3 the FOUR amigos <3 for life <3

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whirl wind move from Good Ole Southern Tennessee up to Blizzadly Cold Snow encrusted land of Connecticut.

   The move has been made. The settling in is creeping into our daily lives. Jesse and I made a three day journey from the cozy comfort of our southern roots, to a new life of togetherness. Living together for the first time as man and wife in good ole Connecticut has definitely been a change. After a speedy pack up of the car assisted by my puzzle packing mastery mom and a teary eye send off, our first  stop was to have lunch with Poppa Rittman, in Nashville. Our next stop in Knoxville, included a brief meeting between my Newly wedded Husband and my Long time BFF Lacey. We spent the night there with Jesse's super sweet cousin Lauren and her family! *six hours between Memphis and Knoxville* We got up before the sun was even thinking about shining its rays on the world! Hahaha. Our travel on the second day took us from TENNESSEE Passing through VIRGINIA, WEST VIRGINIA and MARYLAND, then crossing into PENNSYLVANIA. Landing us in Hershey Pa! Home of the Hershey factory! This second day was also dated February 14th!!! Valentines day! We spent two hours at the Chocolate factory together in sweet valentines day lovers bliss! We took a tour of the factory mock up, made our own chocolate bars, and ended the experience on a sweet note with two yummmyyyyy Hersheys milk shakes! The place was closing but the girl behind the counter didn't fuss when we asked if she had time to make just two more milk shakes. Unfortunately they don't accept tips there or else she would have had one nice one from two very appreciative newly weds! The Next days travels took us through NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, and finally landing us just barely on time in CONNECTICUT! this trip took us through 6 new states for Jesse and 7 new states for me!

   The last 4 weeks have been a shuffle of exploring the new state around us and early morning scrimages to get the hubs to work on time, keeping ourselves fed (haha as if we'd struggle with that!), and adjusting to the Navy life style in general. Luckily, and I'm not so sure that every new couple is so fortunate, we have an amazing neighbor who has lent us every bit of kindness she could. She came over and greeted us in the same week we arrived, has generously allowed us use of her washer and dryer, and has become my gym buddy/gentle trainer haha!

   The homesickness hits me in waves. Jesse's feeling it too a little bit. My parents have always been such a huge part of my life. I hate that I can't just drive over to my parents for a visit or dinner date. Its too bad Military life doesn't come with your own set of jets for you and your family, that way they're never more than a short flight away. The first huge wave of homesickness came while unpacking our things and uncovering family photos of my nephews and thinking of how much i'm going to miss out in their lives, I've already missed soo much, And my niece I'm not sure she's old enough that she'll remember me. Just barely 6 months old. I'm going to miss so much. I wish I was a better aunt. I've not been a very close or successful one. 

    The homemaker? Me? Jesse and I are at a crossroads. I would like to get a job, to keep busy, the hold backs are that there is only one car, we won't be here for very long, and my schedule may conflict with being able to spend time together, the benefit though are personal sanity for me, extra income for us to put away, and obviously social interaction and stimulation for me as well. We just won't be here for long though, and we're in the process of gaining two new members of our family, two little male Dorkie Puppies!

  Well That's the skinny on our lives now! I hope to have some additional exciting things to update on next time!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wow we can what???!

Jesse got some pretty amazing news today! Apparently his orders have already been posted and he is to be in Groton of course for the better part of the year! But what this means is given these are his finalized orders I can move up there any time now! I was hoping to wait until he graduates so he can come down and help lol! Not to mention I have a wk end planned with some of my best friends for the first wk. end in February! I don't want to miss out on that! So I suppose I'd better start thinning out the bulk and donating what's unnecessary or unneeded! luckily the way things are suppose to happen as far as my understanding, is we set it up the Navy will have some one come and move us on their dime! The only thing is I will have to drive Lucy up, and Jesse wants to be a part of that of course.