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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whirl wind move from Good Ole Southern Tennessee up to Blizzadly Cold Snow encrusted land of Connecticut.

   The move has been made. The settling in is creeping into our daily lives. Jesse and I made a three day journey from the cozy comfort of our southern roots, to a new life of togetherness. Living together for the first time as man and wife in good ole Connecticut has definitely been a change. After a speedy pack up of the car assisted by my puzzle packing mastery mom and a teary eye send off, our first  stop was to have lunch with Poppa Rittman, in Nashville. Our next stop in Knoxville, included a brief meeting between my Newly wedded Husband and my Long time BFF Lacey. We spent the night there with Jesse's super sweet cousin Lauren and her family! *six hours between Memphis and Knoxville* We got up before the sun was even thinking about shining its rays on the world! Hahaha. Our travel on the second day took us from TENNESSEE Passing through VIRGINIA, WEST VIRGINIA and MARYLAND, then crossing into PENNSYLVANIA. Landing us in Hershey Pa! Home of the Hershey factory! This second day was also dated February 14th!!! Valentines day! We spent two hours at the Chocolate factory together in sweet valentines day lovers bliss! We took a tour of the factory mock up, made our own chocolate bars, and ended the experience on a sweet note with two yummmyyyyy Hersheys milk shakes! The place was closing but the girl behind the counter didn't fuss when we asked if she had time to make just two more milk shakes. Unfortunately they don't accept tips there or else she would have had one nice one from two very appreciative newly weds! The Next days travels took us through NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, and finally landing us just barely on time in CONNECTICUT! this trip took us through 6 new states for Jesse and 7 new states for me!

   The last 4 weeks have been a shuffle of exploring the new state around us and early morning scrimages to get the hubs to work on time, keeping ourselves fed (haha as if we'd struggle with that!), and adjusting to the Navy life style in general. Luckily, and I'm not so sure that every new couple is so fortunate, we have an amazing neighbor who has lent us every bit of kindness she could. She came over and greeted us in the same week we arrived, has generously allowed us use of her washer and dryer, and has become my gym buddy/gentle trainer haha!

   The homesickness hits me in waves. Jesse's feeling it too a little bit. My parents have always been such a huge part of my life. I hate that I can't just drive over to my parents for a visit or dinner date. Its too bad Military life doesn't come with your own set of jets for you and your family, that way they're never more than a short flight away. The first huge wave of homesickness came while unpacking our things and uncovering family photos of my nephews and thinking of how much i'm going to miss out in their lives, I've already missed soo much, And my niece I'm not sure she's old enough that she'll remember me. Just barely 6 months old. I'm going to miss so much. I wish I was a better aunt. I've not been a very close or successful one. 

    The homemaker? Me? Jesse and I are at a crossroads. I would like to get a job, to keep busy, the hold backs are that there is only one car, we won't be here for very long, and my schedule may conflict with being able to spend time together, the benefit though are personal sanity for me, extra income for us to put away, and obviously social interaction and stimulation for me as well. We just won't be here for long though, and we're in the process of gaining two new members of our family, two little male Dorkie Puppies!

  Well That's the skinny on our lives now! I hope to have some additional exciting things to update on next time!