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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home away from home = Homesickness

Today is Mother's Day! A day to celebrate how amazing your mom is as well as other amazing mothers! When I woke up, immediately I gave my mom a call. She and my pops and my sister and her three awesome kids are going to the zoo today marking the first of many trips of the summer, AND little Cooper Caroline's very first trip ever to the zoo! Obviously I have a feeling deeply rooted in my heart that pulls to missing the family. As I browse through my facebook feed for the morning I see many mentions and praise for awesome moms across the board. I also see a reminder that today is one of my long time besties graduation day! I click to her page and make a comment congratulating her and in the corner facebook in its ways has posted a link to a photo from last summer of one our many many get togethers! Loving to reminisce I click through the pictures that tell the story of my awesome friendship with these three amazing girls that I have come to learn so much about and bonded with on a level I can lovingly describe as sisterhood! We have Katie the strong independent firecracker who protects you from the crazies, always looking for the next best/cool/active thing and keeping us all up to date and has a weakness for animals as well as a strong soft spot for loyalty! We have Traci the always there for you giggle box, the hostess, the one I envy having a handle on pretty much everything and knowing exactly who she is and what she wants out of life! Then we have Beth the multitasking, social butterfly, with an inner strength, and a hunger for education! Keeping us entertained and laughing with day to day experiences well that would be all three of these girls! And back to the facebook photo flipping. I get to a picture, and this may seem a little "fat kid" of me, but I get to this picture of a plate full of BBQ and fixings and Cue water works I bawl for a solid HOUR! This is about the time I am hoping is the peak of my homesickness, but who's to say. During this hour of bawling I reflected what on an amazing group of friends I have and how much we all supported one another and damn we had some fun! So I guess I'm celebrating my mom and all the great moms I know as well as the mother of all friendships <3 the FOUR amigos <3 for life <3