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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The summer came quick and left just as fast

<p>This has been one hectic summer! Lets start at the beginning shall we? The beginning where I told my husband Goodbye not once but twice on the morning he hopped on a sub and sailed away from me! Bon voyage! Farewell! Happy sailing my love! It was a tough morning and I didn't get to drive him to the base, which turned out to be a complete and total blessing. I would not have been able to drive away. I had a kind of rough low June I cried and cried and cried A LOT. In fact I don't remember much that I can claim as productive in the month of June or May. Oh okay I just had to check my facebook timeline to come up with the memory of what went on in June how sad! hahah! In the month of June I came up with doing A month long photo challenge with the ladies in my family everyday was the theme of a different photo to take or post. We were pretty into it and I enjoyed getting creative with the "subjects" of the challenges, however we kept it going in to July and August and my attention span just did not hold! It was still fun seeing what everyone else was posting but I'd see the subjects and lose inspiration quickly, you'll come to know why here in a few moments ;)Alright Let's get back to June, at the end of June my loving mother came to visit. BLESS her for making this trip! She was with me through my birthday and it was great! July was a big mess of awesome. While it was no fun swaying good bye to my mom things quickly progressed from ann idea based on the encouraging suggestion of my incredible sister! A business opportunity in the form of a passion I have had for much of my life! Art parties! From early July I began to arrange sans wrap my brain around the idea of forming this business in our home. It was a difficult decision to make with out the presence nor the communication with Jessr. This was a huge idea a huge choice to be made but I spent all of July planning comp shopping three best prices and arranging for a street fair to kick off the beginnings of my new business! I was hoping to get more out of the street fair and I was hoping business would puck up immediately but while I knew it would be a slow build I had hoped to get more interest. I'll not giving up though! I have plans to make this work if nothing else just for fun! :)