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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Up and coming LIFE changing events!

We're rounding the middle of the 35th week of pregnancy. As I type this as the little bundle of love in my tummy is stretching out trying to find where her space went! haha! Our Little one is getting so big, and strong!! Those little legs and arms push and pull and stretch like crazy! There's so much to consider and decide on in the next weeks to come! I have established a very basic birth plan, with the aid of mild research, discussions with Jesse, and this undeniable drive in myself of certainty. I'll explain that later. First up I have been circling the decision of Natural childbirth versus allowing myself to cave and get an epidural. My inner self reads empowering words about labor pain being good pain, how our bodies are made for labor and can endure the "pain", and says "HEY YOU, you are no different you can totally do this!! Lets make it a challenge! See how far you can go without pain meds and then maybe by the time I decide I should cave it will be too late and BOOM I'll have to go natural." I know this is a cowardly way of looking at it. If I were truly brave I could just be like ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS!! But the truth is no matter how much I read and feel more comfortable of the idea of labor and delivery of our sweet little girl, I am still pretty scared of the pain. On the other hand I do feel like looking ahead assuming I labor naturally, I will have so much pride in myself. But Will I be one of those moms "I was in labor blah blah hours and pushed blah blah blah and no drugs!" at any mention of childbirth to the point of annoying? Well that's neither here nor there as it won't drive the outcome of the natural vs epidural decision. Up until this last week my thought process was oh, however she gets here is how she gets here and my birth plan specifications didn't really kick in until after our Cordelia Quinn was safely brought into the world however it happened happened. I didn't want to get too tied down to details and create unnecessary expectations only to be disappointed at the first detail that went awry and any other failed hopes and plans for the birth and so on. I still stand by this, just adjusting the idea that I'll HAVE to have an epidural. It still may be a game time decision. Onward into the birth plan a bit further. Its funny how things interconnect once you read information about one thing it can open your eyes to something else without really even realizing it. Or maybe that's just me. Maybe I'm just a little slow haha. Its ok we'll call it baby brain? I read something about skin to skin immediately after birth and with out even having the details I knew it was something I wanted to do. This is the first part of that undeniable certainty I mentioned before. Now for those uninformed, after the baby is born you can request this skin to skin time which basically in a nutshell is a bonding time for mom and baby. Its very helpful in establishing a bond especially in those breastfeeding. Another little added few things, we would like for Jesse to cut the cord, and to wait for it to stop pulsating before it's clamped and severed. Reason being, it could give the new born significant health benefits. "The umbilical cord carries nutrients and oxygen from mom-to-be's placenta to the developing infant's abdomen." quoting an online article from MSNBC there. Bringing us around to the last but certainly not the least in importance on the loosely navigated birth plan, breastfeeding! Since day one and even before finding out we were expecting, I have always known I would breastfeed! I am so determined! I've heard stories from friends and family of not being able to breastfeed. But I am one stubborn gal and I am determined these ridiculously large breasts of mine WILL nourish our child! I've been looking up youtube videos, classes I can attend, reading material, I still feel ill prepared! BUT I have a great support system in place and will push and push until I either succeed happily or fail with a fight! I'm not sure there's much more to say about it. ha! Go boobies! hahahaha I will say once we hit 34 weeks I was freaked out because I know babies can come that early. But then I started to focus on the fact that we will have our baby here, and doing more research on labor and the things that crept into my mind to worry over, and it seemed to calm me! In fact I feel confident that if she were to come this evening while I would be in shock as there have been absolutely no signs, I would be ok, and could handle it! ;) I by no means wish for her to arrive early though, I know the longer she bakes the better off she is :) I just want a healthy and happy little baby! Isn't that what all moms want though?!