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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Excruciatingly dull waiting during exciting times

It's Thursday again. This time last week I was certain I'd have a little bundle of joy to hold by the end of the day, but I was oh so wrong. I have no idea what got the notion in my head I was just so sure Cordelia Quinn would have made her appearance by that late evening or even the early hours of the next morning! 39 weeks and two days today. That's how pregnant I am. Yesterday, at the now weekly OB appointment, I was asked if I wanted to stir up some trouble which resulted in a crazy sweeping of my membranes. Sounds rather cleansing huh? Well, it was more rather painful I'd say. I laughed through the most of it, which confused the midwife performing said sweep. I guess she'd never gotten that reaction before. Glad to pop her Nervous laughter cherry. Talk about a hot flash. I couldn't even tell you now if it was just extremely uncomfortable or super painful. It's like I've wiped every bit of that experiences physical matter from my memory bank. It jump started contractions right away of course I didn't feel them really until a few hours later. We walked and lied down and timed those suckers down from 8-10 minutes apart at 45 seconds long, to about 3-5 minutes apart running an average at a minute long. And off to Labor and delivery we went. They checked me and no dice. My contractions kept on into the night but never strengthened and then seemingly have tapered off this afternoon. :( well boo. However disgustingly enough I did wake to find I'd lost my mucous plug. SO where one progress has paused another has championed through. In other news we did make it to the management office yesterday to talk to the Boss lady about our encounter with the loud mouths from a few nights ago. No meeting could be arranged, I should have guessed that, BUT she did say she could call to inform them that she'd heard about the incident and was calling to remind them that no form of harassment would be tolerated and that was in the lease they signed. She was wording things so that they'd feel pretty awful and hopefully realize what they did. Ok fine. I can let it go now I think. I still asked if she didn't mind to pass along to the girl who was only involved because she was present that I was sorry and in the heat of the moment and shouldn't have put her in the middle of it. (Even though I didn't begin this interaction clearly..) Anyways here I sit waiting for Jesse to get home so we can wait together to see if contractions will rev up  and bring us our baby girl, or if we get to wait another week. I should mention I have no patience and I've held it together quite well so far in my own humble opinion, however, I am really starting to unravel! I want to see this baby now! Then again I feel her little legs stretching out or her arms doing whatever it is she's doing in there, I can only assume the macarena? And I touch my tummy with the love and tenderness and adoration that for these last few days, she is still MY little Thumper. My tiny pen pal tapping out messages with no real meaning other than a secret between me and her. We understand one another, she doesn't like meat I got it, I don't eat meat, she doesn't like me to sit or rest in certain positions ok I got it I will move and adjust for you my sweet little girl. She knows when I'm hungry and reminds me with a fit of kicks until finally I get a nibble going. Yes ma'am let's eat! Really she's the boss of course. Everyone says that. It's true. I mean she's not even born yet and got me on a strict diet, doing her laundry, setting up her space and daydreaming about those fat cheeks. I hope they've stayed chubby! SO much! I will love her chubby cheek regardless but <3 Its just an image I've got of her. Sigh when will you get here and graduate from Thumper to daughter that I can share with the world? Until then I will wait wait wait :)

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