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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bad hair cut

I got a bad haircut.  I'm pretty pissed and I can't make myself just hey get over it like everyone has said. I'm a child and I am sulking.  When you don't like the way yoy look, you hate it.  And my hair was a comfort that has been brutally chopped away.  It doesn't even matter in theslightest bif it looks alright to everyone else. I just wanted my ends trimmed.  That's it.  I said I wanted to get it to grow to all one length and she layered it.  Short layers.  Chunky make look even fatter,  fat layers. Hooray.

Top that with the slump I've been fighting off and the ever growing loneliness. It's been a bad day.  And I have only made it worse by letting my husband and daughter down.  They played so well today and bonded so beautifully. She spent the day with him playing and giggling, and I have been a sour puss. I can't shake it though.  It's a bad mood caused by a bad hair cut.  Ain't that the worst? I just won't leave the house or look in any mirrors for the next month or so.   Problem. solved. It's not like I've got any place to go anyhow.

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