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Friday, May 29, 2015

for good a step toward happiness

The husband and I have been having conversations of the future ahead of our family.  What we want.  How to get there.  It seems as though shaking things up with the options we discussed and the opportunities or possibilities that lie ahead has really put us on a stronger path together. It's been a tough couple months, finally getting that settled in feeling only to realize we'll have to begin making plans to uproot in another month or two,  struggling with wanting to be social and not knowing anyone which lead to missing our amazing friends we made in the PacificNW. All the while trying to financially stay afloat.  Sea pay being docked from the monthly income is certainly causing difficulties. But we manage to pay bills and get had and Groceries enough to scrape by till the next check. But it ain't pretty ;) Having one car between us takes a toll also. For one I can no longer go to weekly events (like toddler classes or therapy sessions) due to the ever changing class schedule of my husband's school, and for two once you've been sick at home all week you're aching to get out, but once you've been busting booty and brain power in this incredibly difficult school all week one just wants to relax unwind and laze about.  These two situations conflict and put strain on the household.

Today we took a drive and ended up in Westerly Rhode Island.  It was amazing. Dream home Eye candy. We asked ourselves what must we do to end up in one of those houses?  Seriously I felt my soul and heart glow with satisfaction just by viewing the outward architecture. And the best part of it is that it wasn't far away! Less than a half hour on the highway and we were home.

What will come of us?  Where will we land?  No clue.  But I'm so happy we share so much and want similar things even 6 years into our relationship ♡

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