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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The struggle

With every new home comes a new bunch of neighbors.  Some are wonderful, full of life and welcoming beyond expectation.  Others will leave you iced over with their lack of care.

The husband and I got into a discussion today about the way the world is changing. The way life moves so quickly, and people have become so self absorbed that they just don't even try anymore. The way especially within the community of military living,  many of us get lost in the shuffle,  shoved over and create the pattern of doing the same to others,  because we've been done that way, is simply don't make the effort for whatever reason.

I struggle here because I wonder is it them?  Or is it me?  I try to be friendly with each encounter with pretty much any other human I come in contact with.  It seems our most recent home does not welcome this warm behavior like the Pacific north west did.

This callousness and shrugging people off is so devastating. It's damaging to our race as humans. This is also why I don't live in military housing. I am so filed with grief over the personal torment of loneliness I have come to acquire that I can't even pull together my thoughts or main Points here.

I'll hang in here. 5 months and counting~ Alone. And feeling every excruciatingly friendless day pass. Even the long distance ones have begun to fade out and have lost interest.  It must be me.  It must be.

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